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High Number Of Americans Believe Country Will Go Into A War Under Donald Trump

Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the United States many have wondered what will happen in his administration, with many seemingly thinking that a war will come while he’s in office, but would it be his fault? Regardless of whether not you’re a liberal or conservative, the end conclusion in everything revolving the Presidency is that Donald Trump is now in office and making decisions for the American people. It’s obviously an opinion on whether or not he’s doing well in office.

However, are we supposed to expect Donald Trump to throw us into yet another war? According to a recent poll from NBC News, a huge majority of people within the poll believe he will. The poll, which surveyed 11,000 people, saw over 60% of the people polled claim that they are worried Trump will get American involved in a war. The poll asked if they were “very worried, somewhat worried, not too worried, or not at all worried.”

36% were very worried while 30% were somewhat worried. Only 8% were not at all worried, which is saying a lot. When 66% of people are at least a little to very worried out of 11,000 people, that is not good to see for the Trump administration. Those 11,000 people do represent America in a micro-version, as NBC polled people all over the nation with this.

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While it may not poll every person in the United States, it does poll a percentage of people that would give answers that were useful for a poll. Polls like this have been used for years with a lot of accurate success, while there are some that tend to be more biased. NBC determined that Democrats tend to be the most worried, with 88% of them believing that Donald Trump will lead America into another war.

However, they claim Republicans are less worried with 60% of them not being worried Trump will lead the United States into a war. Basically, it depends on which political area you lean most to. It is still interesting that the percentage for Republicans is not higher regarding Donald Trump and war, as 40% clearly do worry about him doing so.

The poll also saw that over 60% of Americans believe we should compromise with our allies to help them out. Of course, allies are allies because we help them and they help us. If there was never a back and forth, then they would be like that guy you spoke to in high school who you sat by in class. He was cool to talk with in class because you had other friends in other classes, but he was useful to have around then. However, you did not see each other after school or hang out at all.

This would make them more of an acquaintance than a friend, and if America wants to remain allies with other nations then they need to give a little here and there according to Americans. The poll also asked Americans about NATO and if they feel it is good for the United States, which saw 80% of people believe it is good. This was seemingly a bipartisan agreement as well. It seems the Trump administration has strong support for it too.

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When polled about Russia being a friend or ally to the United States, a lot of interesting numbers were seen. 43% believe Russia is unfriendly while 18% believe they are an enemy to the United States. This is compared to the 28% believing Russia is friendly with 8% considering them an ally. This question was most likely asked due to Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

When just Republicans were polled on this same question, the numbers were insanely close. 51% believe Russia is a friend to the United States while 49% believe they are an enemy. This is compared to the huge difference from Democrats from the poll that have 76% of them believing Russia is an enemy to the United States while 23% believe them to be a friend. It’ll be interesting to see how President Donald Trump responds to this poll, if he sees it.

While President Donald Trump may or may not lead America into another war, there is at least a fear he will by your everyday citizen it seems. This is not a good thing to see at all, as no President wants to see the people assume he will do bad by the nation. The last thing any President wants is to go to war, but if something occurs where one has to, then it may be discussed as an option.

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