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Bride and Prejudice: Brad dumps Courtney after bucks party blow-up

The relationship is over.

BRAD and Courtney went on Bride and Prejudice to prove despite the fact they’re both young, they were still mature enough to get married.

But in a shock to almost no one, the couple split up after a spectacularly immature spat during which they bickered over whether the Kings Cross Hotel is a rooftop bar or a pub.

The drama started when 18-year-old Courtney called 20-year-old Brad to check up on him during his bucks party.

Livid that she could “hear girls in the background” as Brad celebrated with mates in Kings Cross, Courtney decided she had every right to head down to confront him.

But armed with some Dutch courage, Brad was in no mood for Courtney’s antics when she arrived.

“Why’d you come and try and catch me out?” he demanded to know.

Perhaps realising that she’d sound like a fool if she said it was because she could hear girls in the background of, y’know, a unisex bar in Kings Cross, Courtney changed tact.

“I came here to check it was a rooftop bar,” she said.

“We went to a pub,” Brad said,

“It wasn’t,” Courtney argued, “it was a rooftop bar”.

“Why did you come here then?” Brad asked, not quite understanding Courtney’s issue.

“To get proof,” she said, unconvincingly, “to get proof that it’s a rooftop bar”.

The ridiculous row continued with Brad pointing to the venue that was just further up the street.

Brad dumped Courtney on Bride and Prejudice.

“What does it say? Kings Cross Hotel. What’s a hotel? A pub.”

But Courtney wasn’t satisfied and pulled out her phone to google the venue.

“It’s called a rooftop cocktail bar,” she said matter of factly.

“That’s a pub!” Brad yelled.

“It’s not, Brad!” Courtney replied.

And then the penny dropped, and Brad realised that he would be in for a lifetime of pain if he went through with the wedding.

“I’m speaking up for the first time in my life, in our relationship,” he said to his bride to be.

“We seriously need to split ways. We are done, I can’t do this anymore Courtney. If you don’t trust me still, through five years …”

And then, the penny also dropped for Courtney, who realised that not getting married wasn’t the worst of her problems.

“Do you realise what you just did?” she asked, “you just broke up with me on camera.”

It’s safe to say Brad realised what he was doing, but he spelled it out for Courtney again.

“The marriage is off,” he declared, “I’m not getting married to you anymore.”

Brad had no regrets the morning after, saying to the camera: “I think I’ve dodged a nuke somehow”.

He then shared the news of the split with his mum, Sherrie, who did well to hide her absolute delight.

“First time that I grew balls and I feel good about it,” he said to Sherrie.

“I’m not sure you grew balls,” his mum replied, “you just took them out of her handbag”.

Brad’s mum said she wasn’t surprised by the split.

Source:Channel 7