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A Black Rose bartender recommends these 3 drinks for non-beer drinkers on St. Patrick’s Day

Magners Irish Cider. –Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Bartenders at Irish bars across Boston are gearing up for their big day: St. Patrick’s Day.

“It’s like our Super Bowl,” said Pakie Bradley, a bartender at The Black Rose in the Faneuil Hall area.

Bradley, who has served Black Rose patrons on the holiday for the past 15 years, said beer is always a popular request, of course.

“We serve a lot more Guinness than we normally do,” Bradley said.

However, not everyone enjoys the hoppy stuff. For those partial to other types of alcoholic beverages, the Medford native has the following three recommendations.

Irish coffee

“Irish coffee would be a good place to start,” Bradley said. “We open up really early on St. Patrick’s Day morning, so a little cup of coffee will get you going.”

The Black Rose makes its Irish coffee with an ounce and a half of Jameson Irish Whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, “a little bit” of sugar, and homemade whipped cream, which makes the hot drink extra special, Bradley said.

“That’s kind of the claim to fame there,” he said.

And for those who don’t want caffeine, Bradley said you can definitely go with decaf.

Jameson Irish Whiskey. —

Irish whiskey

There are so many Irish whiskeys — 40 alone at the Black Rose, Bradley said. But he said you can’t go wrong if you order Jameson Irish Whiskey, the most popular variety that the bar serves.

He suggested ordering it mixed with ginger ale.

“It’s just a nice, easy, sort of light Irish drink,” Bradley said.

If you’re looking to try something a bit less predictable, Bradley said The Knot Irish Whiskey is a great choice.

“It’s got a sweet, almost vanilla smell and taste to it,” Bradley said. “It’s served neat or on the rocks. But you have to be careful because it’s strong. I’d recommend one of them.”

Hard cider

“[Hard ciders] are good choices for people who don’t like beer because they are not as strong tasting,” Bradley said. “They’re not as hoppy or harsh or bitter as beer can be.”

The Black Rose serves two types of ciders: Angry Orchard and Magners Irish Cider. If you like sweet, Bradley recommends ordering an Angry Orchard. If you prefer a dry cider, one like Magners is a better choice, he said.

“They’re both very easy to drink in comparison to a Guinness or any kind of hoppy beer,” Bradley said. “And you’re getting your apple of the day!”